Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Up to 70% off Paper Coterie Gift Cards

Holy Moley!

Paper Coterie is one of the MOST AMAZING photo gift stores I've ever found.

I bought my husband a photobook celebrating our relationship together and reminding him of all the reasons I <3 him. It is hard covered and looks like a published book you'd buy at any book store. The quality is beyond incredible.

I purchased Mother's Day gifts for my mom and my mother in law towards the beginning of this year. I created a photobook of nearly every single of the 500+ wedding photos that our professional photographer took at our August wedding. It took me over 16 hours to put it together, however, this was due to my pickiness with photo placement and the sheer number of photos, rather than the difficulty it took to put the book together.

I loved my Paper Coterie photo books so much, I even wrote a review of the product a few months ago and had a great giveaway for my readers.

Well, Paper Coterie is kind enough to offer Christmas in July! All gift cards are highly discounted, up to 70% off in fact. I'm definitely buying one so I can buy myself the book that I bought my mom and MIL. Jon and I never got to buy one at the time.... we only had the money for two! This offer is only good for 72 hours, so act fast!

In addition to photo books, Paper Coterie offers other customized photo gifts, so check out their line up!

  • $25 gift card = $12.50
  • $50 gift card = $20
  • $75 gift card = $27
  • $100 gift card = $30

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts
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