Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Shaws Haul & Saver's Splurge

I made a late night trip to Shaws to pick up a few things; I had some Yoplait coupons that were expiring and my husband loves their yogurt. He's lactose-intolerant and the lactose-free yogurts are rarely on sale. Since Shaws included the lactose-free variety in their 10/$5 sale, I just had to drag my butt there today.


Items Purchased

6 Lactose-Free Yoplait Yogurts $.50/ea = $3
1 Yoplait Simplait $.50
1 Chex Mix $1.50
1 Fresh Express 50% off = $1.49
Clementines $3.99 *wyb $10 before special items
Multi-Grain Cheerios $1.88 *wyb $10 before special items
Shaws Spiral Ham clearanced to $.99/lb = $8.83


Coupons Used

-$.40/6 Yoplait Yogurts (doubled)  **The coupon I used expired today 1/5, but you can get an identical one (In Spanish) from this website**
-$.60/1 Chex Mix (doubled)
-$1 Fresh Express (Shaw's Coupon)
-$1 Clementines (Shaw's Coupon)
Total Before Coupons With Sales/Discounts
Total After Coupons
And since I was so excited to save so much on my shopping trip, I stopped by the Saver's across the street from Shaws. I've mentioned before I've developed an obsession with Pyrex. I couldn't leave this beautiful butterdish on the rack. It was only $2.99! I just hope my husband thinks we've had it all along! He's not quite on board with my hankering for "old lady dishes" as he puts it.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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