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Tuesday Travels: Brimfield Antique Show #TeamSnuggle

If you're a long-time reader, then you know I absolutely love thrifting and antiquing, especially for my beloved Pyrex. I'm a huge fan of thrift stores like Savers and Salvation Army, but I also find some really great deals at antique markets too.

Three times a year the town of Brimfield, MA holds an enormous antique show that has an endless supply of antiques and vintage goodies. The show started in the 1950s, according to its website, and hosts thousands of dealers over a half-mile stretch of land. You can find reproduction primitives, expensive antiques and really kitschy stuff at every turn and bend. If you're looking for it, someone at Brimfield probably has it.

The show runs three times every year: one week each (Tuesday through Sunday) in May, July and September. I've visited both in May and July and on both a weekday and a weekend. If you're able, the facilities are less crowded during the week, and believe it or not, during July. However, keep in mind the July heat can be a scorcher and nearly everything is outdoors so there is little escape from the heat.

Regardless of when you go, you will most likely need to pay to park. Parking fees range from $5 to about $10, depending on how close to things you want to park. Bear in mind, however, that the further into the thick of things you park, the longer it may take you to leave when you're tired and want to go home.

The show is divided into fields. Most of the fields feature free admission, however, a few do charge a per person fee. In addition, some fields are only open certain days of the week or at certain times. In theory, the show is open from sun-up to sundown, but not all of the vendors are always open and available.

There are plenty of Port-O-John facilities, but there isn't always toilet paper and/or sanitizer/soap and water. I always bring napkins/tissues in my backpack as well as a small bottle of sanitizer. I especially like the option of my own sanitizer when it comes time to eat. There are many food vendors at the Brimfield Antique Show that serve a wide array tasty goodies including saugies, kielbasa, barbeque, ice cream, popcorn, smoothies, dough boys and more.

I highly recommend you bring your own sunscreen and use it frequently, although I did find a few Port-O-John stations that offered sunscreen for its customers, free of charge (tips could be left). And I also encourage you to bring snacks (protein-carb mix leaves you fuller longer!) and water in a backpack. It can start to add up if you have to keep buying bottled water from vendors or the food carts. (And who the heck wants to wait 10 minutes in line for water when you could be perusing vintage goodies!)

Although I don't recommend it, some people do choose to bring their dogs. I think it's a bad idea because it gets way too hot for their little tootsies. But also, some of the fields prohibit pets and it would limit what areas of the Show you could visit. It's really better to just leave Fido at home!

Now, if you're looking for yard-sale prices, you're not going to find them here. You also won't typically find yard-sale quality stuff either. Many of these dealers are long-time dealers and know what they have. They do, however, often accept offers, even low-ball ones, and are usually willing to haggle within reason. The closer to Sunday you visit, the more they are willing to haggle because they don't want to pack up their stuff to haul it back home again.

Didn't make it to the Show this month? Brimfield Antique Show will once again be back in September (9/8-13).

Or if you'd like to think ahead and make plans for next year, here are the 2016 dates:
May 10-15
July 12-17
September 6-11

I brought my @Snuggle_Bear with me as part of our #TeamSnuggle mission and we made a few really fantastic Pyrex and Fire King purchases. I'm so excited to add these guys to my growing vintage milk glass collection.

Disclaimer: I did receive this cute little Snuggle bear for free from Snuggle as part of the #SnuggleSummer mission with #TeamSnuggle #Spon However, I truly did attend Brimfield, paid my parking fee, food costs and the price of my vintage goodies out of my own pocket simply because I love thrifting!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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