Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Young Girls' Gifts for 20% Off - Shop Early for the Holidays!

Can you believe there are less than 120 days until Christmas?! For me, that's right around the corner - I like my holiday shopping list to be complete BY December!

And one of my favorite ways to shop is from my sofa, in my pajamas. Online shopping has been a huge game changer. Want to shop SmitCo online too? Check the bottom for a 20% coupon code!

And I found the perfect gift online for my mermaid-loving niece, Elin.

SmitCo was kind enough to send me their new Top Secret Journal Set. And it's MERMAID THEMED! I just know Elin will love this gift - not only does she love mermaids, but she is obsessed with arts and crafts and doodling. This is the best of both worlds!

This journal set comes with a gorgeous mermaid-themed journal, a star shaped ballpoint pen with invisible ink (!), and an LED clip-on book light. There is also a sheet of sparkly mermaid stickers to use in the journal.

I was so impressed with the quality of the journal. Many for young girls are shoddily bound, but this one features a hard cover front and back and is really sturdy. And I can't wait to see what kinds of secret messages Elin plans to write with the invisible ink!

SmitCo also asked that I check out their exfoliating gloves, so they sent me a 2-pack to try out. Oddly enough, they came in my favorite colors - purple and green.

If you know me in real life, you know I'm not really a "girly girl." I've only ever had a pedicure twice in my life (once was for my wedding). So I had no idea how to use these gloves. But after a bit of research, I realized that they're in place of your loofah or whatever other shower tool you use.

These. Are. Awesome! They seem like they're only for tiny hands, but once they get wet, they stretch a bit. They don't fall off because there's a pretty secure elastic band at the wrist. Best part? You can run them through the washer and dryer. I can't even imagine how germ-y my loofah is... so being able to clean these is just awesome.

You can buy these in packs of 2, 4, 8 or 12. They make great gifts, so why not buy a larger pack and split them up among your friends? They come in a clear, plastic zip container that would be perfect to put your carry-on travel products in when going on vacation.

SmitCo offers many quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12. They have several different locked diary sets for girls in Emoji, Diva and Mermaid themes, as well as scrapbook, nail and play dress up sets and party favors and to offer hours of fun.

If you're looking more for some glitz and glam, SmitCo products also include rose gold, gold or rhodium plated jewelry and sets, as well as very popular stretch sets for little girls - all packed in cute gift boxes.

To make shopping even more fun, my readers get to save!

Get 20% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Go to: and use coupon code N3CQD6AE at checkout!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

20% Off Squishy Mats - Great for Babies & Pets!

My pup, Riley, is such a little diva of a man-pup. Whenever we take him places where we plan to stick around for awhile, like a coffee shop or our favorite brewery, he spends the whole time fidgeting. He refuses to lay his delicate elbows and belly on the cold, hard ground. He is much too used to having his soft, cushiony pup-bed. He's got 4 throughout our house (not that he's spoiled or anything...). But they're too darn big to travel with.

So when I found out about Squishy Mats, I was psyched! Squishy Mats contain almost one inch of Memory Foam - also known as the low resistance polyurethane foam developed by NASA in the 1960s. The surface of each mat is covered by a super soft, micro-flannel fabric and is backed with a nonslip rubber grid. Each mat is durable, sturdy and designed for life on the move.

The perfect solution for our diva pup! My husband and I can enjoy our delicious, frosty beers while Riley can sleep comfortably on his Squishy Mat. The Squishy Mat would also be perfect for infants or toddlers - a great way to keep them comfortable and off the dirty ground.

Squishy Mats come in three sizes:
16" x 32" The Skinny Mini - perfect for little dogs with big personalities and a nice way to protect "their" spot on the couch from hair - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

3' x 3' Little Squishy - The Little Squishy fits perfectly in the back of most vehicles, keeping your automobile clean and your fur babies comfortable - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

4' x 4' Big Squishy - Let's face it, the dog is just gonna steal the Squishy Mat from you and your little one. The Big Squishy is truly made with everyone in mind, but buy Fluffy his own mat and be sure to pick one up for yourself - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

I'm so grateful that I was sent a complimentary Squishy Mat to check out. I'm hooked!

Pros of the Squishy Mat

  • Folds up to make it portable
  • Strong handle for carrying it
  • Memory Foam!!!
  • Nice, neutral grey color
  • Grippy bottom to prevent slipping

Want your own Squishy Mat? My readers save 20% Off with code SQUISHYPETS on all sized Squishy Mats - Because Squishy Mats are for EVERYONE!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

GIVEAWAY! KidStuff Coupon Book Review - Win 1 of 4!

I have had an amazing partnership with the folks at KidStuff Coupon Books over the past several years. They are incredibly generous and sent me their brand-new 2017-18 Eastern & Central MA KidStuff Coupon Books to giveaway to 4 of my lucky readers!

You can only get these great books through a school fundraiser, so this is an exclusive offer just for my readers!

If you have kids or have friends or relatives with kids, I'm sure you've been accosted to purchase goodies from a catalog used as a fundraiser for their school. You know what I'm talking about... the 5 pound tin of popcorn you end up throwing out or the ridiculously priced tub of cookie dough? Some catalogs contain the $15 candle that stops smelling pretty two days after opening it. As a teacher, I get asked to partake in purchasing fundraising goodies all the time and often I have to politely turn down my students because I simply can't afford to buy all that stuff that I don't need or will never use.

KidStuff Coupon Books are a fundraising goody that you are sure to use - over and over in fact!

KidStuff Coupon Books vary depending on your location. There are 30 different books based on locations all over the country.

The book itself is separated into three color-coded sections: blue is for shopping and services, yellow is for activities and attractions, and red is for dining and food. Coupons are included for chain vendors like Sears, Men's Wearhouse and Sonic. Then there are discounts for places more local to Massachusetts such as the Boston Duck Tours.

At the very front of the book, there's an alphabetical listing of all of the vendors included in the book to make browsing easier.

The book costs $25 and 50% of that goes directly to the school fundraising. I promise you you'll get more use out of the KidStuff Coupon Book than you ever did with that 5 pound tin of popcorn. AND you'll be helping a local school raise money for their educational initiatives!

What a great two-for-one deal!! You get an entire book of savings (over 400 pages!!!) and your local school earns money!

If you're involved with school fundraising and are interested in more information, please contact KidStuff Coupon Books at:

888-404-5437 option 1 (toll free!)

While you're at it, be sure to follow KidStuff on Facebook and Twitter

These books are sold exclusively through schools, however, KidStuff Coupon Books was so very generous and is offering my readers a chance to win 1 of 4 Massachusetts coupon books.

In order to enter, you must live IN Massachusetts or an adjacent state since the coupon book primarily contains deals available in MA only. 

Contest begins 8/26/17 at 8:00am EST and ends 9/2/17 at 8:00am EST.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make money if you click them.
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