Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Just Kicked CVS's Butt!

I tend to be a cosmetics hoarder... not because I enjoy hoarding, but I love to play around with eyeshadows, liners and my mascara. So whenever I can get this stuff inexpensively, I stock up in a million different colors.
I also think I'll be donating duplicates to a place that collects dresses for girls for prom so they can have new, unopened makeup to beautify themselves for the big event.

Lately, CVS has had a ton of makeup on clearance, up to 75% off! Matched with manufacturer's coupons, this has made for the most amazing deals.

I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off right before I had to go and babysit my three loves. In the process I hit up 2 different CVSs, 2 different Rite Aids and Shaws. Here are some highlights

CVS #1
7 HIP L'oreal eyeshadows - reg. $8.49/ea 75% off - $2.12/ea
2 CVS Cocoa Butter sticks - $.99/ea

- $5/2 L'oreal face cosmetics X 2
- $2/1 L'oreal face cosmetics x 3
- $1/2 any CVS brand skin care

Total: $1.04
Saved: $62.53
I'm very fortunate that Massachusetts charges tax post-coupons; therefore, I only paid tax on the .98 subtotal at the end of my order, rather than the original, before-coupon prices.

CVS #2
6 HIP L'oreal eyeshadows - reg. $8.79/ea 75% off - $2.12/ea

-$5/2 L'oreal face cosmetics X2
-$2/1 L'oreal face cosmetics X2

Total: $.92 (on tax, my subtotal was $0!)
Saved: $52.94

Rite Aid #1
1 Reach Total Care Floss - reg. $3.99, on sale $2.99
1 Axe antiperspirant/deodorant - reg. $4.50, on sale 2/$9
1 2-pk of Axe spray - reg. $9.99, on sale 2/$9
2 Dawn - reg. $1.99, on sale $.97
1 Nature's Made Fish Oil, reg. $10.49, on sale B1G1* Because there was only 1 in the store, they sold it to me at half cost
2 Stayfree 24-count, reg. $3.99, on sale B1G1

-$2/1 Reach
-$1 Video Value Reach
-$1/1 Dawn X 2
-B1G1 Axe ($4.50)
-$2/1 Fish Oil
-$3 Video Value Fish Oil
-B1G1 Stayfee ($3.99)
-$1 Video Value Winter Rewards
-$1 Video Value wellness+
-$1 Video Value pharmacy

Total: $1.67
Got back $3 in UP+ rewards for the Axe
Saved: Wellness savings: $13.01, Coupon savings: $21.49

Rite Aid #2
I was very tired at this point.

4 Stayfree 48-ct, reg. $6.99 ea, on sale B1G1
1 Valentine's Card for my hubby - $2.79 (yikes!)

-B1G1 Stayfree ($6.99) X 2

Total: $3.96
Saved: Wellness savings: $13.98, Coupon savings: $13.98

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama
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