Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekly Goals: Total Slacker

So I was a total slacker and didn't even update my goals last week. I guess it's not that I'm a slacker, I've just been so busy, I haven't really had time to sit and create goals - or even think about goals, actually.
So here's a look at how I fared over the last 2 weeks at achieving the goals I had previously strived towards reaching.

Family Goals
1. Write a handwritten love note to Jon. I suck. End of story.
2. Get addresses/phone numbers of all guests on guest list for dad's party. My uncle dropped these off at my mom's house earlier in the week; I'm waiting for the photo invitations I ordered (I got 30 for only $3.99 shipped!) to arrive so I can mail them out to our guests.
3. Collaborate with husband and brother in law on Auntie Elaine's 60th birthday gift. Thank gosh for my good friend Jess who works at Coach! She has the scoop on all the great discontinued items, and there was a bunch of stuff on "delete" which means a whopping 65% off the retail price! Jon and I picked out a BEAUTIFUL bag and got a great deal! Auntie Elaine is a true fashionista, so I know she'll love it!

Personal Goals
4. Read James Patterson's 9th Judgment. I read this, and I read the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy. AWESOME book!
5. Exercise (go for a walk, make it to the gym, go to Zumba) at least 5 times. Ha. Ha. Ha.
6. Find a great deal on the kindle version of the Hunger Games. I actually didn't need to get this for the kindle. A student let me borrow their paperback copy and my husband actually started reading it all on his own when I was sleeping in last weekend! That's a huge accomplishment for him; he doesn't read ANYTHING for leisure because he spends all day reading amazing interesting, riveting tax law for work.
Home Management
7. Order, pay for and have delivered 9 bajillion yards of loam to level off backyard where we cleared last weekend. We did this and in record time. Not only did we order, pay for and wheelbarrow 8 yards of loam, we also then ordered 4 yards of mulch and wheelbarrowed that too! Our yard is looking fantastic!
8. Hang picture of my siblings from my wedding. We're a pretty sexy family, eh? Despite my siblings' sexiness, I haven't done this yet - I'm waiting for my husband to haul down a huge tote on the top shelf in the basement that is holding the picture frame I want to use to hang the photo. Blah, I hate being short and weak and having to rely on others to do things for me!

9. Till my garden, flipping the manure I bought last week into the dirt.

And sadly, I simply don't have the energy tonight to create a list of next week's goals. I'll have to attack that tomorrow.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts
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