Friday, September 21, 2012

HUGE NEWS!! (And no, I'm not pregnant!)


So I opened my email this afternoon and came across this one:

Hi Cynthia,

I'm one of the producers for TLC's Extreme Couponing.  I was looking
through your website, and it definitely seems that you're a skilled
couponer.  I wanted to personally invite you to apply for the show.
We're almost finished casting for this season, so if you're
interested, please complete the attached application (including
pictures and video) and release and send them back to me asap -
preferably by Sept. 26th.

I'd love to see your application, so I hope you decide to apply!

Kiran Malhotra
Coordinating Producer
TLC's Extreme Couponing

So.... this could totally be a hoax... and it totally could not be. Either way, I'm pretty flattered. Pretty exciting, eh?

Be on the lookout for my opinion regarding this show and my decision whether or not to apply.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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