Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Successes: Chewing is Apparently Optional

So I started my Herbalife diet back on September 3rd. I am a yoyo dieter. I lost 11 pounds the year before my wedding in August 2011. Then on my honeymoon, I gained every single pound back and then some. Damned all inclusives!! I had the mentality that I had to make the cost of the all inclusive worth it... well... needless to say, no matter how much I ate during that week, all this aggravation later is simply not worth it!

So I'm trying Herbalife. Why? Because all my friends were doing it. And I crumble under peer pressure. And I do want to lose weight and prior to that I had only lost weight when I was doing 6 hours of cardio a week and severely limiting my food intake.... I was tired, hungry and had no time to myself.

At first I was tired and hungry, but Herbalife really doesn't affect my time. In fact, it makes life easier because I don't have to shop for groceries for myself for 2 meals a day. And now I'm less hungry and only work and stress make me tired. I do, however, really really really miss chewing! When you drink 2 meals a day, you really start to realize how enjoyable chewing can really be!

But I have lost weight. Not a crazy crazy amount of weight, but then again I only have 30 lbs to lose anyway!

My goal weight: 110
My weight as of September 3: 138.4
My current weight as of September 15: 134.0

Weight Lost: 4.4 lbs   :-)

Now if only I could celebrate with some cake.... or a cocktail... or anything I could actually chew!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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