Thursday, January 10, 2013

For Teachers: Tell-a-Teacher Program, Earn Free Puffs & Bounty!

Tell-a-Teacher. Get free supplies! With our Tell-a-Teacher referral program, you and your fellow teachers can earn tons of free Bounty paper towels and Puffs facial tissues for your classrooms. Plus, sharing with your teacher friends is a great way to help them get the necessary and nice-to-have supplies they need, all year long!

How it works:

For every teacher you tell who posts a list:

  • You'll get a Clean Start Kit (2 boxes of Puffs tissues and a roll of Bounty paper towels) — the
    more teachers you tell who post lists, the more Clean Start Kits you'll get
  • Your teacher referral will get a Clean Start Kit too

For every 5 teachers you tell who post their lists:

  • You'll get a huge Super Clean-Up Kit chock-full of TONS of Bounty
    paper towels and Puffs tissues
  • You'll also get a Clean Start Kit for every successful referral
  • Your teacher referrals will all get Clean Start Kits too
Your list and your teacher referral lists must include Bounty and Puffs
products in order to qualify for rewards.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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