Monday, February 18, 2013

Why My Hubby's Better Than Yours (J/K!) CMM's Actual Birthday Bash

So while everyone was adoring or abhoring Valentine's Day last week, I was deciding whether to be miserable or excited about my birthday, which is the day after that lovey dovey Hallmark holiday.

I dislike my birthday for several reasons.

1. It's smack in the dead of winter.... which means lots and lots and lots of snow for this New England gal. Which means being homebound and having to shovel. A lot.

Before Storm Nemo, Backyard

Before Storm Nemo, Front Yard/Driveway

Handsome Hubby Shoveling Driveway

No more room to put snow!

Nearly Waist Deep!

2. It follows a major Hallmark holiday - I can't tell you how tired I am with getting leftover, clearanced Valentine's candy for my birthday. I know it's the thought that counts, but my ever-expanding hiney doesn't need anymore candy. I'm already sweet enough, so no more sweets please!

3. It means I'm getting older. Can't I just stay 15 forever? Of course I still want to know what I know now but just go back to being 15. Remember those days when homework, boys and the zit on your chin were your biggest worries?!

But this year, despite Storm Nemo and then a follow up snow storm yesterday, my birthday was spectacular!

My husband surprised me by baking me the most atrociously ugly but delicious cake during his lunch break on Friday. He didn't realize that all those TV shows that show cake makers cutting and sculpting cakes have the cake makers using FONDANT as the cake covering, not regular frosting. So after a crumby attempt (hahahahaha), he tried melting my Betty Crocker frosting, only to have it separate into light colored and dark colored frosting.

It was the most hideous cake I've ever seen, but was yummy and made with love. I've refrained from taking a photo so that my husband can retain his pride.

He also made me dinner, which he planned and I knew about.

But he didn't tell me that he had a whole day of wonderfulness planned for Saturday!

Awhile back, one of the teachers I collaborate with assigned an autobiographical poster project to my 9th graders. I bribed them into staying after and working on their posters if I promised to make and present my own. Part of the project was to create your "perfect day." Well, my husband followed my "perfect day" on my poster as closely as he could!

We had breakfast at Alice's Last Stop in Dighton, went to the Roger Williams Zoo - where we got to see two of the cutest hogs chase each other in a love stupor and elephants get shampoos and baths - had lunch at Luxe Burger, took a much needed nap together - naps are unheard of in my house! - and had dinner at Johnny Rockets because I absolutely needed a milkshake.

Snuggly, cuddly piggies

I was actually jealous that the elephant was getting a shampoo by someone else; Jon refuses to shampoo me

Cute red panda

This bison was having a blast in the snow - he was running around and digging holes, then jumping in them

My husband is not typically romantical, but I thought it was the sweetest, most considerate thing to think about my "perfect day" on my poster that still hangs out in our spare bedroom because I'm a hoarder packrat.

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Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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