Saturday, July 19, 2014

30% Off Classroom Supplies for Educators at Ocean State Job Lot

Each year, you give away your time and energy to supply your students with knowledge and inspiration.  At Ocean State Job Lot, they want to help you give less away from your wallet to supplement their school supplies. During their Educator Partnership Program (July 31st through August 13th), Ocean State Job Lot is offering teachers, educators and school administrators a 30% discount on all their in-store classroom supplies.

Please mark your calendar and head to Ocean State Job Lot and save. It's their way of saying "thank you" for all you do.

Get 30% off Your Classroom Supplies
3-Ring Binders
Desk Accessories
Pencil Cases
Sketch Pads
Address Books
Labels (Assorted)
Pencil Sharpeners
Specialty Binders
Book Covers
Drafting Equipment
Markers (Dry Erase)
Staple Removers
Easels (Metal)
Easels (Wood)
Memo Cubes
Photo Albums
Multipurpose &
  Photo Paper
Colored Pencils
Fabric Paint
Stick-on Notes
Construction Paper
Packing Supplies
Poster Board
Storage Containers
Copy Paper
File Folders
Printer Paper
Cork Boards
Filler Paper
Paint Brushes
Push Pins
White Boards
Correction Fluid
Foam Boards
Painting Canvases
Report Covers
Correction Pens
Painting Knives
Rubber Bands
Correction Tape
Crayon Sets
Hole Punches
Paper Clips
Dated Planners
Index Cards
Pastel Sets
Sheet Protectors
Hand Sanitizer
and hundreds more

The Job Lot Educator Partnership Program
The Educator 
Partnership Program
Participants receive 30% off the purchase of eligible classroom supplies, at all Job Lot stores between 7/31/14 and 8/13/14.

Who can participate?
All teachers, educators, school management and support personnel authorized to make purchases on behalf of their school are eligible to receive the Partnership discount.  Proof of employment is required.  Documented homeschoolers included.

What products are eligible for discount?
Eligible products include a wide variety of quality, brand name stationery products and art supplies ranging from writing instruments, markers, and crayons to poster board, staplers and artist materials, a total of 924 products in 75 different categories.  However, we are not offering savings on sweatshirts, dog food, greeting cards, hammers, trash bags, ketchup and other products that have nothing to do with the classroom.
Proof of eligibility:
Program participants will be required to provide proof of school/system employment upon checkout.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

- School ID with picture 
- School ID (no picture) with - - Driver's License
- School/System pay stub with - Driver's License
- School/System business card with Driver's License
- School/System stationery (personalized) with Driver's License
- Proof of home school participation such as:  Home School Association membership, State authorization/approval documentation

Program period:  
July 31st through August 13th, 2014.

Participating locations:  
All Ocean State Job Lot locations in CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, and VT.
Check-out procedure:
1.Consult the list of eligible products BEFORE you reach the register in order to make the check out process easier.

2.Separate all classroom products eligible for discount from any personal productsyou may be purchasing.  Personal products may be purchased with a separate transaction.

3. Notify the cashier IN ADVANCE that you are an educator and that you have your photo ID available for viewing.  Your discount will be deducted at the conclusion of the transaction and it will appear on your receipt.

4.All standard payment terms and conditions apply.  In the event a school/system check is to be used for payment, consult the store Customer Service Desk before checking out.

5.No price adjustments for purchases prior to July 31st, 2014.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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