Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Access to Technology Classes for Veterans and Families

Labor Day is just a few short days away. And Labor Day is meant to celebrate the labor movement and all the achievements of workers across the nation. While we can celebrate our past and present achievements on this holiday, it is still disheartening that the unemployment rate in our country is still so gosh-darn high.

The unemployment rate of Veterans is particularly discouraging, especially considering all they have sacrificed during their years of service. In fact, following 9/11, Veterans have had a 50% greater unemployment rate than their civilian counterparts (Clary).

Webucator, a company that provides onsite and online training on technology, is pleased to offer service members and their families FREE access to all of their self-paced classes. They truly believe our service members deserve their support on their journey into the private workforce. Simply use the promo code VETERANS2014 at checkout to redeem the free classes.

In addition to this great savings on self-paced classes, Webucator has also published a great article "Top 5 Tips for Veterans Navigating the Civilian Job Market" to help Veterans transition back into the civilian workforce. These tips are compiled from discussions with some of the leading HR professionals across the country.

Lastly, Webucator offers access to one free self-paced Microsoft-based class per month. This month features Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 Training. This is available to anyone who signs up.

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