Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Friday: Gift Baskets Under $25

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you finished your shopping yet? Typically I'm 100% done before Thanksgiving, but this year I've been procrastinating... And to ice my cake of procrastination, my budget is the tightest it's been in awhile.

Luckily I'm thrifty by nature and an outside-the-box thinker. I love putting together small gift baskets for my friends and family filled with goodies I just know they'll love. Ocean State Job Lot is one of my favorite stores in general but especially for great gift basket goodies. Did you know they carry hundreds of brand name products, too?

Are you on a tight budget too? It is easy to thoughtfully put together a gift basket filled with amazing products for less than $25! Here are just a few ideas:

Gluten Free Baker:
My friend Ginger lives gluten free, yet she loves to bake. She often has only one or two gluten-free baking options when at the grocery store. Ocean State Job Lot carries many gluten free baking products by Bob's Red Mill including pizza crust ($3.69), bread mix ($4.49), cake mix ($3.49), brown mix ($3.99) and chocolate chip cookie mix ($4.49). Add a few different types of baking mixes, some really cute potholders and maybe a cookie sheet or a beautiful enamel loaf pan and you've got yourself an inexpensive, yet delicious gift basket.

Grill Master:
Remember Emeril from Foodnetwork? His amazing products have made their way to Ocean State Job Lot and boy are they yummy! For your grill master, try some of Emeril's Kicked Up BBQ sauce ($2) along with some Old Thompson's seasonings that come in a nifty adjustable grinder in flavors like steak burger and Hawaiian black salt ($4.99 each). Toss in some grilling tools like a sauce brush or some tongs and bon appetit!

Tea Lover:
Ocean State Job Lot has almost everything. It even carries Keurig Kcups by brands like Twinings, Tazo and Caribou. Toss in some Twinings ice tea Kcups ($4.99) alongside some Twinings chai Kcups ($5.99) or Tazo Chai Kcups ($7.99). Or if your friend or relative is more into coffee, how about some Caribou Coffee Kcups ($7.99)? Add a few bags of Brookside dark chocolate acai berries or pomegranates ($1.50) and maybe a pair of cozy socks and a cute mug and your gift receiver will be set up to relax on the couch with a good book.

Speaking of good books...

Ardent Reader:
Ocean State Job even has books by well known authors on its shelves! Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors ever and I just found her novel Handle with Care for only $2.99! Your gift receiver is more into sci fi or horror? Try one of Stephen King's novels Under the Dome ($2.99) or Mr. Mercedes ($3.99). My husband is totally into the Duck Dynasty stuff and I'm totally grabbing a book or two from their collection for his stocking - Happy, Happy, Happy; The Women of Duck Commander and Si-cology 101 ($2.99 each). Ocean State Job Lot also stocks a variety of cookbooks at really low prices by famous stars like Paula Deen and Sandra Lee.

Furry Friend
Don't forget about your furry friends when shopping this Christmas. Pick up some treats like Milkbone biscuits ($2), Beneful Baked Delights ($2.49) or Milo's Kitchen chicken meatballs. If your pup is on the smaller side, how about a Snuggle to keep him warm ($2.99)? Does your friend have whiskers instead? A can or two of cat food from famous makers like 9Lives ($.46) or Newman's Own Organic ($.89) are sure to keep them purring. Add a few Nylabone cat toys ($1.50 - $2.49) and some flea and tick preventative shampoo by Off and you've got a well-rounded gift basket that will keep your fuzzy friend happy.

Manly Man
Want to keep the man in your life smelling.... well... manly? Ocean State Job Lot has a ridiculous quantity of brand name bath and beauty products. Fill his stocking or his gift basket with products by Axe, Irish Spring, Dial for Men, Suave for Men and Old Spice.

Beauty Addict
Don't leave out the cosmetic lover in your life. Find cosmetics by Blistex, NYC, Revlon, Almay Covergirl and Milani. There are even full sized cosmetic kits by the well known brand ELF.

Whether you're just starting your Christmas shopping or finishing up those last minute gifts, hop on over to your local Ocean State Job Lot to check out all of their amazing deals. Not only will you be able to get the same brand name products you'd get at your grocery store, you'll keep your wallet a tad bit fuller.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I shop at Ocean State Job Lot all of the time anyway and was happy to write this blog post. I did not receive any compensation for this post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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