Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Earned Over $300 in Gift Cards through Swagbucks

Christmas is less than six months away. It may too early for most people to start Christmas shopping, but it's never too early to start saving money for that fun Christmas shopping spree in November and December.

Since I started using Swagbucks, I have cashed in on over $300 worth of gift cards - mostly to Amazon but also to Starbucks because Starbucks is one of my expensive vices that I refuse to pay "full price" for.

Using Swagbucks is free, quick and easy! Here's the brief lowdown on Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a "program" that allows you to earn points (they call them Swagbucks) for doing random tasks. These points can later be cashed in for rewards - they have all kinds of weird trinkets in their Swagbucks Store, but I prefer the gift cards. You can even request Paypal cash!

There are a bunch of other ways to earn Swagbucks, but these are the easiest and cost $0 to you. 

Ways to Earn:

Search Engine: If you use their search engine (as opposed to google, yahoo, etc.) you might earn Swagbucks for some of your searches. This is totally random and you're not guaranteed to win each time, nor are you guaranteed an amount when you do win. I've won anywhere from one Swagbuck to 27 Swagbucks for a single search.

NOSO: NOSO stands for No Obligation Special Offers. These can be found on the left side of the main Swagbucks page (literally says NOSO). Once you click, it brings up an offer, which I ALWAYS ignore, then you can click at the bottom of the page where it says "Skip." You do this a bunch of times until you get to the end where it lets you play a brief 10 second video to display a special phrase. Type the phrase into the provided box and voila! You got yourself 2 Swagbucks. You can only do this once per day, but I've gotten in the habit of doing it EVERYDAY!

Daily Poll: The daily poll is also found on the left side of the main Swagbucks page. It's just a quick survey. Once you hit submit, one Swagbuck is deposited into my Swagbucks bank account. Like NOSO, you can only do the poll once per day.

Tool Bar: If you download their toolbar, you'll randomly earn yourself one Swagbuck just for opening your web browser using the toolbar. I don't use the tool bar right now because I recently got a new computer and haven't had time or energy to download it, but I did use it on my previous laptop. It's an easy way to earn Swagbucks without doing anything.

Swidget: The swidget is a widget. Haha. I'm a teacher, I know you're not supposed to use part of the word in the definition! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page on my main blog page, you'll see the Swagbucks Swidget. You can check to see if there's a special code out in the cyberworld. If not, it'll tell you and you can stop looking. If there is one, it'll give you a hint where it is!

Special SwagCodes: Swagbucks often publishes special codes that are worth a certain amount of Swagbucks. When and where these codes are published is very random. Codes are time sensitive and case sensitive. It's best to just copy and paste them, rather than try to type them out.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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