Wednesday, December 14, 2016

High End Photobook by Adoramapix - Worth Every Penny - Review

I've mentioned on several occasions that my husband, Jon, and I were heavily involved in a major renovation to our home for all of 2015 and much of 2016. Jon's dream since childhood has been to have a garage. When we bought our current home back in 2009, he confessed that he "settled" for it on the contingency that we'd eventually build a garage. The detached garage turned into an attached two-stall garage with a dining room, pantry and storage space above it. So, yeah - it was a lot of work. And I tried to document as much of the process as I had the energy to, from the start of the foundation to the very last finishing work we did.

And what better way to showcase the process than in a photobook from Adoramapix?

 While Adoramapix offers many other personalized gifts, like wall decor, calendars and cards, I was really enamored by the plethora of options for their photobooks.

When designing your book, Adoramapix allows you to customize just about everything. You can choose from a variety of book sizes and shapes. You also can choose the number of pages you'd like to include. I chose an 8x8 10-page hardcovered book; it seemed like the perfect size to fit my needs.

A major positive: Adoramapix's software runs out of your web browser so there's no need to install any program on your computer. When designing your photobook, Adoramapix offers pre-made layouts based on the number of photos you'd like on a page. Or you can completely customize the size and location of your photos. If you're not particularly creative or you hate figuring out how to layout your photos, there is a "Quick and Simple" option that will "create" the book for you using the photos you've uploaded.

It was easy to navigate the software to customize the page layouts, the color of the background, the size and location of the photos and even the color, style and material used on the cover. You can choose from a linen cover, leather lux or genuine leather cover, all in a variety of colors. Pay a bit extra and you can have a title, name, etc. stamped on the front cover. Totally worth it - it makes the photobook look so professional.

Look how thick those pages are!
I ordered my 8x8 10-page photobook with a navy colored leather lux cover. I had a title stamped on the cover in silver, but I was bummed out that you were very limited with the number of characters you could use - this is the reason why it says "Garage Reno" and no renovation. Despite this small downside, the photos came out beautifully and the pages are thick and glossy. This is definitely a photobook that is going to be durable enough to leave out on our coffee table year round.

I absolutely cannot wait for my husband to unwrap this beautiful book from Adoramapix!

Your memories deserve more than a lifeless screen! Breathe life into your photos and turn them into beautiful keepsake photo books that will last for generations. Adoramapix's custom books are high quality and display your images in rich detail. Choose from gorgeous linen, hardcover and leather covers as well as 6 stunning paper finishes. Stop swiping and start printing your family memories with AdoramaPix photo books!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

Because I am a part of USFamilyGuides, the generous folks at Adoramapix generously provided me a credit towards my photobook to help facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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