Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Giveaway: $30 Gift Credit to - Customized Photo Gifts!

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My husband thinks I'm a hoarder. My siblings think I'm a pack rat. I like to think I'm simply sentimental. Check out my home office and you'll find box upon box (upon box) of photos. Of course, along with being sentimental I'm also unorganized and not very artistic, thus, photos that should have long ago been strategically and creatively placed in a scrapbook have been thrown haphazardly into photo boxes and shoved underneath my desk to collect dust.

Every time I sit down with my scrapbook paper, fancy stickers and acid-free adhesive, I feel overwhelmed and give up after I snip the first photo crookedly, once again throwing my supplies and my photos in a corner. But now I've discovered a whole new realm of scrapbooking for artistically impaired people like me!

After my wedding and my Aruban honeymoon in August, I wanted to make a really nice scrapbook for my husband's birthday in September chronicling our relationship and reminding him of why I fell in love with him four years ago. And here enters the beloved PaperCoterie, an amazing website that allows you to create professional-looking customized photo gifts in a cinch.

PaperCoterie offers a variety of photo gifts to choose from at a variety of prices. You can make the typical array of photo gifts you find on other sites, such as calendars, greeting cards and photobooks. But PaperCoterie goes above and beyond and offers customized growth charts for your little ones, desktop sentiments, which are plaques on a decorate stand, as well as a photo box to keep special papers and other memories.

Since I had wanted to attempt to make a scrapbook on my own, I chose to make a hardcovered photobook for my husband. I've made photobooks for him before using other websites, but PaperCoterie's quality is unsurpassed. PaperCoterie offers a ton of different options when it comes to photobooks. Depending on your purpose, there are various template to choose from including books geared specifically towards certain family members (to Dad, Grandma, Brother, etc.), an "I wish" edition which allows you to record your hopes and dreams, and the one I chose "I love" which lets you list and describe in photo form the many reasons you love your significant other.

The online program used to upload photos and edit the template doesn't require any download and is really user friendly. After uploading my photos from our wedding and our honeymoon, it took me only a half an hour to put together the whole photobook. It really was a cinch.

My husband was so impressed with the photobook (and he's hard to impress!). He's not very sentimental, but I swear I saw a tear forming!

Since he and I loved the photobook so much, I decided to let PaperCoterie know how awesome they are. To thank me, they are offering $30 gift credits for me to giveaway to my readers, so you, too, can discover how amazing their products are!

If you're interested in checking out PaperCoterie's amazing photogifts, please enter my giveaway. If someone you refer through the Giveaway application wins, you will win a $30 credit too!

Gift credit can be used on any product purchase (no minimum, but left credit will be forfeited). Shipping & handling is not included. Gift credit expires December 31, 2011.

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts
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