Sunday, December 11, 2011

Help Me Pay It Forward: Family Sponsorship for Christmas

Every year my church sponsors several families at Christmas to help make their holiday a little brighter. These are families who otherwise would not have a very merry Christmas due to financial obstacles. These are anonymous families, however, I know very well that these individuals are likely to be people I sit next to or walk by every day. In fact, at one point, my family was once one of those families graciously receiving help during the holiday season.

Looking through the tags with the Christmas wishes on them, it broke my heart to see wishes include such basic necessities as canned goods and cleaning supplies. One family even wished for Christmas cookies. I quickly grabbed these tags, in addition to one for an 8 year old girl who wanted a book and another for a 14 year old girl who wanted jewelry and make up (I knew I was saving all that free/money-maker make up from the summer for a reason!!).

I will be continuing my Superpoints endeavors to help raise money to put towards these gifts. So far this year I've earned nearly $20 towards food baskets for Thanksgiving with your help. I'd like to continue this "tradition" and raise money through Superpoints by spinning the "Lucky Button." You can help by joining me as a Superpoints referral - for every point you earn, I earn one too! You get to keep your points and redeem them for whatever your heart desires, and my points will be redeemed to purchase the gifts for my sponsored families. (Referrals require an invitation code, see below).

In addition, I'd love some suggestions. One family wanted Christmas cookies - comment with your favorite recipe for Christmas cookies so I can select a few and make them.

Invitation Codes for Superpoints:

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts
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