Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Melting Away my Chubby Butt

My weight has always been a battle, constantly yoyoing up and down. I spent my teen years counting calories, concocting ways of making it appear like I was eating just like everyone else so I wasn't questioned and finding ways to burn off what little food I did consume. There were plenty of days during middle school where I subsisted off half a bagel; sometimes I'd even indulge and spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on top!

My battle with my weight wasn't helped by the people I surrounded myself with. A boyfriend from high school used to pinch the skin around my abdomen and cluck that he could "pinch an inch" because it meant I was chubby and he wasn't any "chubby chaser." In addition, no matter what size or shape I was, I always saw, and still do see, a fat slob when I looked in the mirror.

I managed to stay the same size throughout all of college and even through my wild-child days of partying.

However, once I started working full time as a teacher, my energy level drained, my stress level increased exponentially and my level of activity fell to near-zilch. As a result, I packed on the pounds. I jumped from 110 to nearly 140 in a matter of a few months. And at 4'11, it was clearly evident.

In 2011, 8 months before my wedding, I took part in a Biggest Loser competition at my workplace. I partnered with my friend, Jessica, on a team called FUPA Fighters and I lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks through dieting and Zumba'ing 6 days a week. After my years of anorexia and yoyo dieting, I no longer had the will power to deprive myself of foods that I really wanted, so I found ways of making low calorie versions of my favorite foods. SparkPeople was a great resource.

But after my wedding, wedded bliss (and laziness) took over. And I'm once again back to the near-140 lbs I was several years ago.

And to make matters worse, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips/lower back, making it very painful to run or even walk sometimes.

In January my husband and I bought memberships to a local gym, taking advantage of the New Years promotions. However, a 20 minute drive each way has deterred us from going as often as we'd like. And, as it typically happens, life gets in the way.

But nevertheless, I've set a goal. And I'd like to see how many weeks in a row I can achieve or surpass my goal.

10 miles of cardio per week

My "weeks" start on Saturdays since I often take Fridays off from exercising. This week, I far surpassed my goal already, but will continue to do cardio. After I surpass this goal for an extended time, I'll reassess my goal and increase it.

Saturday - biked 18 miles on East Bay Bike Path (in approx. 2 hours)
Tuesday - ran 3 miles on the elliptical (in 28.5 minutes) walked .5 mile on the treadmill
Wednesday - biked 7.5 miles on local streets (in 45 minutes, including 2 walks up HUGE hills)

Total for week so far: 29 miles of cardio

So wish me luck on continuing to achieve/surpass these goals!

Do you have health or wellness goals?

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts
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