Saturday, April 11, 2015

Adopt, Don't Shop! Caturday Special: Patrick the Pup & Affordable Vet-Care for Low-Income

I started volunteering at the Seekonk Animal Shelter back in December. I've always wanted to save the kitties - one kitty at a time. But since my husband put the kay-bash on my kitty-saving efforts after two kitties, I must devise a different plan for saving them!

This is a new series I plan on continuing as long as there are cats available for adoption at the Seekonk Shelter. Although called Caturday, it will also include dogs available for adoption too.

Owning a pet is an expensive endeavor. They're like children - you need to feed them, toilet them, take them to the doctor's, buy them toys.... it all adds up. So why on earth would someone want to dole out more money by buying a pet when you can get great pets through adoption!?

Have or your spouse recently lost a job? Are you experiencing tough times and have to choose between putting food on the table or seeking vet care for your beloved four-legged family member? There are organizations out there that can offer assistance with veterinary care for your pet if you are in a tight financial situation. It is important to note that, just like you would squirrel away money for your child's college education, you should also budget money for your pet's routine veterinary care. However, things beyond our control happen and sometimes we need a helping hand. The Humane Society of the United States has put together a list of organizations available to offer assistance with spaying/neutering as well as veterinary care. Check out the state-by-state listing for your area.

And this week's Caturday is dedicated to Patrick!

Patrick is one lucky boy! On Friday the 13th, Patrick was discovered emaciated, covered in sores and shivering in the snow. The good folks at the Seekonk Animal Shelter rescued him and have made him as good as new!

Patrick is a white male bull terrier with some brown spots, one most noticeably around one eye. He was found starving to death and shivering from the cold on a wooded back road near a cow farm. Patrick was dehydrated, very thin and covered in urine, manure, urine-burns and sores. It is possible he had been lying in cow manure to stay warm. Despite all of this, he licked the staffs' faces the entire way tot the veterinary hospital!

Patrick has come a long way in a month - he has gained over 15 pounds back! Despite his ordeal, he has a great personality, is very friendly, enjoys playing with toys and loves his pup treats! He knows some basic commands, is house broken and walks well on his harness. He loves going for walks!

An evaluation has determined that he is food aggressive towards other animals, which is very common in dogs who have dealt with starvation. He is fine with adults and older children, but does not like cats. As a result, he must be the only pet in the house. His ideal home will have no small children because they unknowingly will often tease dogs with food.

Patrick is a healthy weight, up to date on his vaccines, has been neutered and microchipped. He is ready to find a loving home! If you are ready to open your heart and home to this sweet young boy, please stop by the Seekonk Animal Shelter to meet him!

If you're interested in adopting any other animal from the Seekonk Animal Shelter, here is the application for adoption.

Don't shop, Adopt!

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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