Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ocean State Job Lot Coupon Policy

I love me some OSJL. They already have rock bottom prices, but they accept coupons too! Here's their coupon policy on their website. This information is valid as of 7/8/15.

Ocean State Job Lot's Coupon Policy

  1. Coupons are redeemable only by a customer purchasing the specific brands and product(s) stated on the coupon, with the face value of the coupon deducted from the retail price.
  2. Coupons must be for products currently sold at Ocean State Job Lot and must be presented at the time of the transaction.
  3. Coupons are subject to advertised offer limitations and all other limitations and restrictions on coupon.
  4. Coupons cannot be applied against the item received in any offer where a customer buys one or more items to get one or more items free.
  5. Coupon amount may be reduced so that any combined discounts and coupons do not exceed the value of the item.
  6. Coupons have no cash value.
  7. Accepted coupons must be manufacturer or Ocean State Job Lot store issued coupons for specific items only.
  8. The coupons must have an expiration date.
  9. Coupons are void if they appear distorted or blurry, are altered in any way or copied.
  10. The transaction amount may not fall below zero value, or go negative, meaning we will not give the customer money back.
  11. All sales taxes are paid by the customer in accordance with state tax laws.
  12. Ocean State Job Lot reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.
  13. Ocean State Job Lot does not allow a customer to redeem two or more manufacturers coupons against the same item in a single transaction.
  14. If a customer presents two manufacturers coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Ocean State Job Lot will only accept the first coupon to be applied in the system.
  15. Ocean State Job Lot will accept a manufacturer coupon in combination with a Job Lot issued Internet Coupon honoring up to, but not over, the product purchase price.

Internet Printed Coupons

  1. Ocean State Job Lot will gladly accept up to 2 internet printed coupons per transaction. The same manufacturer and store coupon rules above apply to all internet printed coupons.
  2. Internet printed coupons must scan at registers and /or the coupon scan code must be clearly legible for manual input by the retail service agent.
  3. Internet printed coupons must have serial numbers and follow an industry- standard format.
  4. Manufacturer internet printed coupons must clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and have a valid manufacturer address on the printed coupon.
  5. Ocean State Job Lot will not accept "Free Product" internet printed Manufacturer coupons.
  6. Ocean State Job Lot will accept "BOGO" Buy One, Get One Free Internet printed manufacturer coupons.
  7. Ocean State Job Lot will accept internet coupons up to a $10.00 limit

Happy Couponing!
-Coupon Mama Massachusetts

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